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Blueberry 3D

High resolution 3D terrain modeling solution for real-time 3D environments

Blueberry3D® is a procedural terrain middleware solution developed for the military simulation industry. Blueberry3D allows the rapid creation and visualization of vast real-time 3D databases with high level of detail, bridging the gap between high resolution 3D content and realtime display performances.

With existing static real-time database solutions you do quickly reach the limit of what is possible both regarding size and details. Videogames derived techniques and development paltforms are an option but only for small areas, and anyway which Defense players can now afford a videogame budget for its simulation program? 

Bionatics' revolutionary procedural technology Blueberry3D is the perfect trade off to address this challenge. Based on propietary advanced fractal maths and procedural geometry techniques which enable to automatically generate polygons in real-time from geographical raw data and 3D content procedures, Bionatics has developed a unique terrain solution for the Viz-Sim industry.

The software suite

The Blueberry3D® solution is made of 3 separate products to address the full Viz-sim requirements for Virtual terrain.

Terrain Editor

RT Integration Kit

Tactical Terrain SDK

The key features

  • Large Visual databases with High level of details
  • Integrated with Off-the-Shelf IGs
  • Real-Time Dynamic Terrain API
  • Stand alone and full Terrain Editor
  • Profile your runtime performance to best fit your hardware
  • Easily Import and Share resources from existing databases,
  • Create geo-specific landscape with “Terrain Classes”,
  • Create & Edit Land Use combining Ortho-photo, GIS & maps,   
  • Easily populate your terrain with realistic content.

To answer which professional market?

Ground simulation

Blueberry3D  enhances raw data resolution thanks to real-time procedural approach. It generates very precise and realistic terrain grounds for vehicle-driving simulation and soldiers training 

Flight Simulation

Through very performant load-balancing mechanisms Blueberry3D can handle either low and high altitude flights over extremely realistic and large 3D scenes. It makes it the perfect technology to deal with helicopter or UAV simulation systems

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