Develop and serve the digital asset of territories, municipalities and neighborhoods

Bionatics develops innovative digital solutions to build, use and contribute to the digital asset of territories and their projects.

● Efficient decision support
● Informed planning
● Peaceful consultation

● Sustainable territory management
● Effective communication
● Enhance everyone’s contribution

Plan, develop and manage the cities of tomorrow

The solution for cities & municipalities wishing to manage their territory in 3D

Model your urban planning operations at all stages of their design life cycle

Present your impact studies in reliable and precise 3D environments

Model infrastructure projects at city or large landscape scale

Develop the economical attraction

The territorial marketing solution for the economical actors of the cities

Geomatician, Cartographer, Architect, Urban planner, Landscaper… LandSim3D software has been designed for you!

Collaborative 3D platform

Think and build a sustainable territory, all together!

For participative, ethical, cost-effective and sustainable management of territories and their geo-data, and adressing challenges like energy transition, circular urban planning and green planning.

Let’s reveal and build the digital potential of territories!

Innovative technology to serve the visualization needs of cities and landscape

The interactive visualization of landscapes or cities requires rich and detailed 3D content on a very large scale. The technology developed by Bionatics revolutionizes the interactive 3D modeling and visualization of very large scenes. Thanks to its procedural approach, the 3D scene is not stored in the form of millions of polygons calculated in advance (conventional approach) but in the form of geographic data associated with parametric descriptions stored in a 3D GIS database. It allows to calculate the geometries and the details of the scene “on the fly” according to the position of the observer and by selecting the display frequency suitable for use from 15 to 60 images per second!



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