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The Blueberry3D software suite

Blueberry3D RT Integration Kit

Integrate the real-time 3D modeling capabilities of the Blueberry3D technology into your own visual solution!

Before being able to vizualise your Visual database in your simulation system, the Blueberry3D technology must be integrated to your rendering engine. That’s the purpose of the Blueberry3D RT Integration Kit…

The Blueberry3D real-time engine also supports dynamic terrain and content, making it possible to visualize in real-time: creation of craters from explosions, digging of trenches or destroyed walls or other content. It is also taking full advantage of 64 bits and multi core processors with support of parallelization and multi-threading. This has drastically improved Blueberry3D performances to visualize even more details in real-time.

The Blueberry3D RT tools kit contains:

  • a Software Development Kit (SDK),
  • IG plugins for VR-Vantage, VegaPrime and OpenSceneGraph,
  • A documentation with Samples,

    •  The Blueberry3D Optimizer solution: it helps to optimize the Visual database by tuning Real Time parameters considering the targeted hardware and expected performances. It consists of a standalone viewer allowing the end user to run and fly through the database in order to assess the result in terms of visual quality and performances. It proposes several services in order to help for the tuning such as statistics, diagrams and indicators. This process does not modify the 3D database definition, but helps to tune real-time parameters for Blueberry3D. Depending on available system resources Blueberry3D is balancing between the level of detail displayed and the objective to keep a stable 60 Hz frame rate.

To answer which professional market?

Ground simulation

Blueberry3D  enhances raw data resolution thanks to real-time procedural approach. It generates very precise and realistic terrain grounds for vehicle-driving simulation and soldiers training 

Flight Simulation

Through very performant load-balancing mechanisms Blueberry3D can handle either low and high altitude flights over extremely realistic and large 3D scenes. It makes it the perfect technology to deal with helicopter or UAV simulation systems

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